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  • Who are typical members of SCSASA?
    SCSASA is made up of a variety of soil, septic, and real estate professionals. This includes licensed soil classifiers, septic installers, septic engineers, realtors, and home builders. We believe that a diverse membership across a multitude of industries allows for better collaboration regarding septic topics and discussions across the State.
  • Is the first year's membership really free?
    Yes! The first year's membership is free. Following a member's first year, the annual membership fee is $150.
  • How can I become active in a leadership role?
    SCSASA is currently looking to expand its board membership with active, driven leaders across the septic industry. If interested in participating in a more active role, please email
  • Where can I go to find other helpful information about the septic industry in South Carolina?
    Find a Septic Professional Find a Soil Classifier SCDHEC information regarding septic systems Clemson Agriculture Extension information regarding spetic systems and routine maintenance EPA information about septic systems for homeowners
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